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Best Start-up Biotech Company, Kindly sponsored by James Cowper Kreston 
  • Illustratum – Using DARC Technology, a combined biomarker and AI algorithm, to de-risk and lower the costs of clinical development for glaucoma and AMD therapeutics with applications in other disease areas   
  • Grey Wolf Therapeutics – Developing next generation immunotherapies that illuminate non-responsive tumours for destruction by the immune system 
  • AdoRx Therapeutics – Pursuing the discovery of new therapeutics for cancer based on modulation of the adenosine pathway 

Best Emerging Biotech Company, Kindly sponsored by Precision for Medicine, Oncology and Rare Disease
  • Nodthera - Developing a new class of potent and highly selective NLRP3 inflammasome inhibitors for the treatment of diseases driven by chronic inflammation
  • PhoreMost - Applying a range of proprietary drug discovery platforms to develop a pipeline of novel therapeutics in oncology and other diseases
  • Artios Pharma - Developing breakthrough cancer treatments that target DNA Damage Response (DDR) pathways to selectively kill cancer cells 

Best Established Biotech Company, Kindly sponsored by World Courier
  • Astex Pharmaceuticals – Building a comprehensive oncology and CNS pipeline using their unique fragment-based drug discovery platform 
  • Exscientia – A leading company in their field, developing and applying AI-based approaches to drive more rapid and effective drug discovery and development   
  • Oxford Biomedica – A pioneer in gene and cell therapy with a leading position in lentiviral and cell therapy research, development and production 
  • Bicycle Therapeutics – Exploiting their proprietary phage display technology to select peptide-like 'Bicycles' for development into novel therapeutics

Best Start-up Medtech Company 
  • Ultromics – Developing a new AI-based platform to extract more information from cardiac ultrasound scans to give more accurate cardiovascular diagnoses
  • Caristo Diagnostics – Developing a novel technology that can indentify regions of inflammation around coronary arteries and which has the potential to transform the diagnostic power of routine coronary CT angiograms
  • FluoretiQ – A fast, flexible, microbial testing technology built on advances in glycan chemistry and quantum optics, packaged in an easy to use and scalable offering 

Best Emerging Medtech Company 
  • Open Bionics – Building and developing the next generation of bionic limbs and turning disabilities into superpowers, starting with the Hero Arm 
  • BIOS – 'A leading neural engineering startup creating the open standard hardware and software interface between the human nervous system and AI to improve the quality of life for millions of people affected by chronic disease'
  • Inivata – A leader in liquid biopsy, its InVision® platform unlocks key genomic information from a simple blood test leading to better and personalised patient cancer care 

Best Established Medtech Company
  • Brainomix – Using AI and deep learning algorithms to develop a complete stroke imaging decision support solution to hospitals worldwide 
  • Endomag – Helping tens of thousands of women across the world to access more accurate and less invasive breast cancer care 
  • Congenica – Revolutionising the way genetic diseases are characterised and diagnosed 

Most Transformative Digital Healthcare Company
  • Sensyne Health – Combining clinical artificial intelligence technology and ethically sourced, anonymised patient data to help provide better healthcare
  • Isansys – An advanced clinical data platform combining sensors, connectivity and predictive analytics to provide continuous patient monitoring and delivering better outcomes for both ini and out-patients in diverse settings
  • Ieso Digital Health – Delivering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to treat a range of common mental health problems direct to patients over the internet

Best CRO - Kindly sponsored by BMG Labtech
  • Charnwood Molecular – Provides medicinal and synthetic chemistry services to the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries 
  • RSSL – Help world leading brands and SME’s develop and supply products that are safe, innovative and of the highest quality 
  • Sygnature Discovery – Offers a unique, high-quality, distinctive and tailored integrated drug discovery and development service to customers worldwide
  • Arcinova – An agile and flexible Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation that serves pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across the globe 

Best Specialist CRO
  • Physiomics – Applying their Virtual Tumour platform to model and predict the effect of anti-cancer drugs on tumour growth, thereby shortening the development process
  • Perspectum Diagnostics – In addition to developing diagnostic technologies for liver and biliary disease they also provide specialist imaging CRO services, including LiverMultiScan, to support a wide range of clinical trials in liver disease 
  • Precision for Medicine, Oncology and Rare Disease – Providing personalised oncology and rare disease clinical operations with an emphasis on the application of biomarkers to drive improvements in clinical end-points 
  • Metrion Biosciences – Deliver a range of high-quality ion channel drug discovery services, including CiPA compliant cardiac safety profiling analysis

Best Sector Support Organisation 
  • UKI2S – The UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund, building and growing technology companies stemming from the UK's diverse research base
  • Bulb Laboratories – An interior fit-out and refurbishment specialist for the laboratory and office sectors, also offering workplace consultancy, building appraisals, project management and cost control
  • The Biosphere, Newcastle – 'A £25m specialist laboratory facility in Newcastle focused on the commercialisation of life sciences'

The BioSeed 'One to Watch Award', Kindly sponsored by Mills & Reeve
  • BrainWaveBank – Developing the world's first-in-class wearable EEG device for measurement and tracking of brain activity and cognitive performance for anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Attomarker – Developing iPhone connected diagnostic technology to enable rapid and personal access to diagnostic tests conventionally carried out in analytical laboratories 
  • Vascular Silk Technologies – Developing disruptive silk medical implants capable of filling the most significant unmet needs of the vascular graft market 
  • Arctoris – Providing automated technology and services that allow researchers and biotech entrepreneurs to design and remotely execute advanced cellular and molecular biology research experiments 
Most Innovative Big Pharma, Kindly sponsored by Milton Park
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Special Recognition Award
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